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GEO 2005-01

Early to Late Campanian Palynological Ages of Mudstone and Siltstone in the Sawn Lake area, southern Buffalo Head Hills, Alberta

Palynological results are reported for six mudstone samples cored during an Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) auger-drilling program in the Sawn Lake area of the southern Buffalo Head Hills near the K4 kimberlite complex. Ages for these core samples, ... Show Abstract

Pawlowicz, J.G.  Prior, G.J.  Dolby, G.  Eccles, D.R.  Fenton, M.M.  2005-03-01

GEO 2005-10

Quaternary stratigraphy and till geochemistry of the southern Buffalo Head Hills: results of an auger coring program

In 2002, the Alberta Geological Survey cored nine holes near the K4 kimberlite to intersect the near-surface dispersion of kimberlitic material in the till and to document the glacial stratigraphy and drift thickness. Two additional auger holes ... Show Abstract

Fenton, M.M.  Pawlowicz, J.G.  Paulen, R.C.  Prior, G.J.  2006-01-01

GEO 2005-09

Geochemical soil survey over the K4B kimberlite, Buffalo Head Hills, northern Alberta

Multi-element chemical results were obtained for all samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy/mass spectrometry (ICP-AES/MS) analyses following aqua regia digestion. Additional results were obtained on the B- and C-horizon ... Show Abstract

Fenton, M.M.  Pawlowicz, J.G.  Prior, G.J.  2006-02-01

GEO 2005-02

Kimberlite-Indicator Mineral Till Survey of the Sawn Lake Area (NTS 84B/13), Southern Buffalo Head Hills, Alberta

During the 2002 program, 55 till samples (with an average weight of 29 kg) were collected within map area 84B/13, representing an average density of approximately one sample per 16 km2. Heavy mineral concentrates were prepared and picked for ... Show Abstract

Prior, G.J.  Paulen, R.C.  Pawlowicz, J.G.  Fenton, M.M.  2005-04-01