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DIG 2005-0015

Diamond Drillhole Locations (GIS data, point features)

Diamond Drillhole Locations (GIS data, point features) Drillhole information was compiled by the Alberta Geological Survey from public mineral assessment file reports for 397 holes drilled in or near the Athabasca Basin in Northeastern ... Show Abstract

Kupsch, B.G.  Olson, R.A.  2006-09-14

DIG 2005-0532

Stream Sediment Geochemistry, Southern Alberta Rift (GIS data, point features)

Abstract: This data set is a geographic information systems (GIS) version of part of the results of Canada-Alberta Mineral Development Agreement project 'Geological mapping, prospecting and sampling of the Southern Alberta Rift.' The data represent elemental analyses of 415 stream sediment samples collected from the study area in 1992. Analytes include: Ag, Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn by atomic absorption; Ag, As, Au, Ba, Br, Ce, Co, Cr, Cs, Eu, Fe, Hf, Ir, La, Lu, Mo, Na, Ni, Rb, Sb, Sc, Se, Sm, Sn, Ta, Tb, Te, Th, U, W, Yb, Zn, and Zr by neutron activation; and Hg by cold vapour extraction/atomic absorption. Results show that some of the stream sediments contain higher concentrations of mineral elements than normal. Place Keywords 82g 82j alberta canada Theme Keywords geochemical surveys geochemistry geology gis data metallic minerals mineral exploration stream sediments

Olson, R.A.  Dufresne, M.B.  2011-07-19