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SPE 013

A Comprehensive Field Guide for Facies Characterization of the Athabasca Oil Sands, Northeast Alberta

Emphasis of the present study was on the geologic setting, sedimentology and facies analyses of the oil sands deposits, and included detailed work on 78 outcrop sections, about 150 cores, and over 6000 regional geophysical well-log picks. In ... Show Abstract

Hein, F.J.  Langenberg, C.W.  Kidston, C.  Berhane, H.  Berezniuk, T.  2001-05-01

SPE 015

Petrography of the Mountain Lake Pipe, Grande Prairie Area, Alberta, Canada

Twelve samples rich in altered juvenile olivine from the Mountain Lake Pipe (holes ML95-1 and ML95-3) were studied for texture and mineralogy. Contrary to an earlier interpretation that Mountain Lake Pipe rocks are entirely extrusive crater-facies ... Show Abstract

Skupinski, A.  Langenberg, C.W.  2002-03-01

SPE 007

Regional Evaluation of the Coal Bed Methane Potential in the Plains and Foothills of Alberta, Stratigraphy and Rank Study

Regional Evaluation of the Coal Bed Methane Potential in the Plains and Foothills of Alberta, Stratigraphy and Rank Study The coal resource in place in Alberta is tremendous by whichever estimate is used. The geologic model developed for the ... Show Abstract

Rottenfusser, B.  Langenberg, C.W.  Mandryk, G.B.  Richardson, R.J.H.  Fildes, B.J.  Olic, J.  Stewart, S.A.  Eccles, D.R.  Evans, C.  Spelrem, M.  Sprecher, B.  Brulotte, M.  Gentzis, T.  Wynne, D.A.  Yuan, L.P.  1999-02-01

SPE 055

Petrography of Ardley Coals, Alberta - Implications for Coalbed Methane Potential

Abstract: This report describes chemical and petrological characteristics of coal seams from the Ardley Coal Zone, Scollard Formation, and Alberta and evaluates their coalbed methane (CBM) potential. The seams were sampled at mine sites west of Edmonton (Genesee, Highvale, Whitewood) and from outcrop sections in the Red Deer Valley, east of Red Deer. The seams were sampled 1) by full seam channel samples, which were subsequently analyzed by proximate analysis, determination of sulphur content, vitrinite reflectance and maceral analysis; and 2) by many lithotype samples from seam base to seam top to determine in-seam variations in petrography compositionThe results indicate that all coals are subbituminous in rank and will not have generated thermally derived gas. However, biogenic gas may have been generated by interaction with circulating ground water. Cumulative coal thickness at the locations studied is between 5 and 10 m, with individual seams having a thickness in excess of 3 m. These factors make the Ardley Coal Zone an exploration target in areas, which increased coal rank at depth, may have generated significant amounts of thermogenic gas. Also favourable for CBM exploration are the relatively low ash yields (11-21 wt. %) and sulphur contents (0.15-0.48 wt. %) in seams greater than 1 m in thickness.The seams show significant differences in petrographic composition, with the highest vitrinite contents associated with the base of the coal zone (No. 6 seam at Highvale and Whitewood and No. 3 seam at Genesee). Predominant lithotypes in most seams are banded dull and dull, although some coals are characterized by predominance of banded coal and banded bright and bright lithotypes.The comprehensive petrographic dataset on the Ardley Coal Zone presented in this report has demonstrated that1) There exist significant compositional differences between the various seams; and2) There exist significant in-seam compositional variations, both on the macroscopic (lithotype) and microscopic (maceral) level.Based on previous studies, it is suggested that the brighter seams of the Ardley Coal Zone and the seams with the highest vitrinite contents will have the highest potential for gas generation and gas storage. Place Keywords 82p 83a Theme Keywords coal coalbed methane

Kalkreuth, W.D.  Langenberg, C.W.  2002-12-01

BUL 045

Polyphase Deformation in the Canadian Shield of Northeastern Alberta

Two generations of structures can be distinguished in the granite gneisses and intercalated high-grade metasediments of the basement neiss complex, which has been shown to be Archean by radiometry dating. In some areas, D2 folds form parts of domes ... Show Abstract

Langenberg, C.W.  1983-01-01

BUL 064

Metallic Mineral Occurrences of the Exposed Precambrian Shield in Northeastern Alberta

Metallic Mineral Occurrences of the Exposed Precambrian Shield in Northeastern Alberta The description of 190 metallic mineral occurrences on the exposed Precambrian Shield of northeast Alberta provides models for mineral deposition, establishes ... Show Abstract

Langenberg, C.W.  Eccles, D.R.  1996-03-01

BUL 056

Deformed Lower Cretaceous coal-bearing strata of the Grande Cache area, Alberta

The Lower Cretaceous Luscar Group includes a thin basal conglomerate (Cadomin Formation), a predominantly non marine sandstone and shale unit that locally contains coal (Gladstone Formation), a shallow marine shale and sandstone unit (Moosebar ... Show Abstract

Langenberg, C.W.  Kalkreuth, W.D.  Wrightson, C.B.  1987-01-01

BUL 042

Polyphase Metamorphism in the Canadian Shield of Northeastern Alberta

During the Archean metamorphic cycle, metasediments were metamorphosed under high pressure granulite conditions (M1). Coexisting garnet-biotite and garnet-cordierite pairs in the metasediments allows estimation of P-T conditions during the ... Show Abstract

Langenberg, C.W.  Nielsen, P.A.  1982-01-01

INF 121

Foothills/Mountain Surface Geophysics Project Final Report

Foothills/Mountain Surface Geophysics Project Final Report Recognizing the potential for the application of surface geophysical techniques to geologically complex coal deposits in the Canadian Cordillera, a group of coal mining companies, ... Show Abstract

Hoffman, G.L.  Langenberg, C.W.  1993-12-01

INF 126

Geoscape Edmonton

The valley also is a window into Edmonton�s geological landscape or geoscape. In our geoscape, we see geological forces carving the valley and creating resources and hazards, geological layers opened like the pages of a book for reading and a ... Show Abstract

Edwards, W.A.D.  Magee, D.  Langenberg, C.W.  Grobe, M.  Mussieux, R.  2002-01-01

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