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OFR 2019-04

Regional Stratigraphic Correlation and 3D Geological Modelling of West-Central Alberta

The model was created in partial fulfillment of the Alberta Geological Survey’s (AGS) Geological Framework objective of mapping the subsurface geology of Alberta. Model data were generated by correlating and mapping geological surfaces ... Show Abstract

Corlett, H.  Playter, T.L.  Babakhani, M.  Hathway, B.  Peterson, J.T.  MacCormack, K.E.  2019-08-16

Model 2019-03

3D Geological Model of West-Central Alberta (dataset, multiple files)

The model is available in the following formats for download: 1) a tab-delimited tabular dataset of stratigraphic picks and point data used to create the model, 2) a deconstructed model dataset composed of discrete and continuous model horizons as ... Show Abstract

Babakhani, M.  MacCormack, K.E.  Playter, T.L.  Corlett, H.  Hathway, B.  Peterson, J.T.  2019-08-16