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REP 95

Regional Stratigraphic Mapping and 3D Modelling of the Paleozoic Succession in Northeastern Alberta (Townships 59-104, Ranges 1-19 West of the Fourth Meridian)

Regional-scale lithostratigraphic mapping of the entire Paleozoic succession in northeastern Alberta was undertaken to support the production of a high-resolution 500 x 500 m grid-cell 3-dimensional (3D) model. The stratigraphic dataset comprises ... Show Abstract

Hauck, T.E.  MacCormack, K.E.  Babakhani, M.  2018-02-08

OFR 2017-09

3D Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta, Version 1 - Methodology

The 3D PGF model contains 32 geological zones ranging in resolution from member, formation, or group level to mixed formation, group and/or period level. 1) sediment above bedrock, 2) Paskapoo Formation, 3) Scollard Formation, 4) Battle Formation, ... Show Abstract

Branscombe, P.  MacCormack, K.E.  Babakhani, M.  2018-05-04