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1891777 - White Swan Environmental Ltd.

Add additional waste streams to the facility approval WM-182..


1891827 - Secure Energy Services Inc.

Application for approval for the handling, treatment, storage and disposal of upstream oilfield waste.


1891686 - Spry2 Energy Inc.

Request for Approval to Dispose of Flowback Impacted Freshwater Through Off-Site Pump-Off Discharge – Storage Location: Lease 16-31-058-19W5M; MSL 141710.


1891465 - Shell Canada Limited

Application for the use of storage systems alternative to requirements of Directive 55.


1891477 - Suncor Energy Inc.

Request to add four tanks for trial and one time waste stream addition in the following location:



1891383 - Modern Resources Inc.

Modern Resources Inc. hereby submits its alternative storage application requesting approval to use a 6692m3 aboveground walled storage system (AWSS) for storing frac flowback and produced water at 16-18-64-8W6M. Modern believes that the design of this sys.


1891247 - Devon Canada Corporation

Alternative Management Method - Cement Water.


1890956 - Medicine River Oil Recyclers Ltd.

On May 5, 2006 Medicine River Oil Recyclers Ltd. (MROR) received Amendment G to Approval WM 020 (copy attached) which included cumulative amendments for the operation of WM 020. Included in Amendment G was Clause 20 which states: “The operation of the fac in the following location:



1890929 - Newalta Corporation

One-Time Approval for Temporary Addition of Rig Bins at the Fort McMurray Area Oilfield Waste Management Facility (WM155) LSD: 02-05-084-06W4M in the following location:



1890587 - Recover Energy Services Inc.

Minor design changes to the facility, Tank Farm tank volume changes and request to accept new waste code in the following location: