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1882477 - Plains Midstream Canada ULC

See attachments in the following location:



1882396 - Secure Energy Services Inc.

A Notification Application for Approval from the AER for the Addition of a Alberta Generated Oilfield Waste Stream.


1882397 - Secure Energy Services Inc.

Application to modify an existing oilfield waste management facility approval.


1882435 - Secure Energy Services Inc.

SECURE is submitting a notification for the re-designation of tanks, currently approved in the WM approval in the following location:



1882147 - Tourmaline Oil Corp.

This is an application for an alternative storage system consisting of an AWSS with a capacity of 6581m3. Tourmaline believes that the design of the system, paired with our operating practices, meets all of the fundamental intents of D55.


1881953 - Cancen Oil Processors Inc.

Application to construct surface facilities at an existing disposal well facility recently approved for Class Ib disposal in the following location:



1882026 - Husky Oil Operations Limited

Application for approval of an oilfield waste management facility.


1881916 - White Swan Environmental Ltd.

Added two future tanks to existing tank farm 2 in the following location:



1881596 - Newalta Corporation

Notification Application for Refurbishment of Bulk Pad at the Taber Area Oilfield Waste Management Facility(WM022) LSD: 03-04-009-16W4M in the following location:



1881655 - Imperial Oil Resources Limited

Directive 58 Application for an Oilfield Waste Management Facility at the Former Bonnie Glen Sour Gas Plant in the following location: