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W4M 4 W5M 2

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1880626 - Ceiba Energy Services Inc.

Application for pilot project to test new technology.


1880703 - Secure Energy Services Inc.

SECURE is submitting this amendment application to request an exemption of internal landfill leachate from the 25% of NONOFD restriction condition.


1880518 - Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Canadian Natural Resources Limited Alternative Storage Application to place an 2x 3000m3 AWSS on an Alternative Site.


1880542 - Encana Corporation

Encana Corporation is submitting a notification for minor modifications to approved oilfield waste management components at 05-31-062-24 W5M.


1880563 - Bonavista Energy Corporation

Bonavista Energy Corporation is submitting this application to request an extension of the storage period outlined in application 1875145.


1880578 - White Swan Environmental Ltd.

Application requesting changes in frequency of groundwater monitoring.


1880586 - Trilogy Resources Ltd.

Application for approval for the handling, treatment, storage and disposal of upstream oilfield waste.


1880441 - Devon Canada Corporation

AER initiated application to make correction to Amendment F to WM 125 in the following location:



1880293 - Newalta Corporation

Notification Application for the Removal of Tank 317 at the Taber Area Oilfield Waste Management Facility (WM022) LSD: 03-04-009-16W4M in the following location:



1880273 - Canadian International Oil Operating Corp.

D58 Waste Facility.