Public Notice of Applications

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1909581 - Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc.

Requesting approval to use two 6300 m or 4255m3 AWSS at 13-10-51-17W5 location, with 0.5m freeboard.


1909399 - Newalta Corporation

Notification for the Addition of Oilfield Waste Streams at Newalta Fort McMurray.


1909369 - Newalta Corporation

Gold Creek Area Oilfield Waste Management Facility (WM157) - Amendment Application.


1909307 - Devon Canada Corporation

NW-09-075-06 W4M.


1909257 - RJ Oil Inc.

Amend waste facility to allow for one facility to exempted from the 25% annual limit for non-oilfield waste.


1909166 - Devon Canada Corporation

02-04-078-06 W4M.


1909100 - Sequoia Operating Corp.

As per Michelle Hurford's (AER personnel) instruction, please see detailed below for Sequoia's proposed alternative storage method for a 400bbl tank at 10-02-064-14W4. See attached.


1908965 - Nexen Energy ULC

Nexen hereby requests approval from the AER to recycle strip water and displacement water from the drilling process of the 2018 Pads 6, 3 and 10 Infill Drilling Program to the Nexen Long Lake Plant Facility Lime Sludge Pond (Cell B).


1908909 - Secure Energy Services Inc.



1908936 - Leucrotta Exploration Inc.

Application to utilize a larger than 3000m3 AWWS.