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W4M 20

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1899933 - Suncor Energy Inc.

Suncor Energy Firebag SAGD Project Pad 121 Well Pair Surface Location & Well Pair Count Amendment Application AER Commercial Scheme Approval No. 8870 & AENV Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act Approval No. 80105 in the following location:



1899939 - Cenovus FCCL Ltd.

Request for complete open hole logging waiver on CVE FCCL B1-19 D15 FISHER 15-18 70-3, UWI 1AA/15-18-070-03W4/2, License # 0425442. See logs for CVE FCCL 2B1-19 D FISHER 15-18-070-03W4/0 - Well was twinned in the following location:



1899947 - Canadian Natural Upgrading Limited

Design and Construction of Reclamation Stock Pile 17 at the Canadian Natural Upgrading Ltd Muskeg River Mine.


1899834 - Husky Oil Operations Limited

Application for Temporary Increase in Peak Disposal Fluid Injection Rate Limit Husky Oil Operations Limited -Sunrise Thermal Project.


1899835 - Obsidian Energy Ltd.

Amendment Application for down spacing supporting information for approval 9607D.


1899891 - Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Please find attached 2 location on the surface of 100/04-16-055-05W4 in the following location:



1899675 - Canadian Natural Upgrading Limited

Canadian Natural Upgrading Limited requests approval of an updated design for Dump 6 at the Muskeg River Mine in the following location:



1899442 - Husky Oil Operations Limited

Husky Oil Operations Limited - Sunrise Thermal Project Amendment Application - Husky Diluent Reduction Pilot Project OSCA Approval No. 10419 (as amended) EPEA Approval No. 206355-01-00 (as amended).


1899443 - Devon Canada Corporation

Application to Amend Primary Recovery Scheme Approval # 7936U for Horizontal Development Request to reduce inter-well spacing for horizontal development.


1899345 - Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Category 1 application to amend the submission date for insitu pillar design.