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1907987 - Cenovus FCCL Ltd.

Cenovus is planning to drill the 6 well pair pad W29 in April 2018. Cenovus is asking for a surface casing interval logging waiver.


1907915 - Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Application for a Class II Disposal Well – Directive 051 Submission Lloydminster Formation, Lindbergh Field (558).


1907906 - Husky Oil Operations Limited

Approval transfer for Approval No. 11212.


1907752 - Fractal Systems Inc.

Fractal Systems Experimental Scheme Approval No. 12346.


1907753 - Fractal Systems Inc.

Transfer Approval 12346.


1907755 - Husky Oil Operations Limited

Husky Oil Operations Limited - Sunrise Thermal Project Category 2 Amendment Application and Directive 060 Request for Variance – Sulphur Recovery Unit Oxidizer Vent Stack.


1907723 - ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.

Surmont In-Situ Oil Sands Project Category 1 Amendment Application Steam Pipeline Monitoring and Control System Modifications AER Approval 9426MM.


1907726 - Cenovus FCCL Ltd.

Foster Creek Thermal Project W20 and W21 Pad Solvent-Aided Process Application AER Scheme Approval No. 8623SSS.


1907678 - Cenovus FCCL Ltd.

Christina Lake Thermal Project H01 Pad Natural Gas Co-injection Application AER Scheme Approval No. 8591EEE.


1907691 - Cenovus FCCL Ltd.

Cenovus was unable to get open hole wireline logs to bottom in a recently drilled oilsands evaluation well, due to lost circulation and hole stability issues. Cenovus is requesting an open hole logging waiver for this well.