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154378 - Blackspur Oil Corp.

Application under the provisions of the Pipeline Act to amend an existing licence for Oil-Well Effluent pipeline with 5 mol\kmol hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in the following location:



1902722 - Blackspur Oil Corp.

Application to construct and operate a single well with greater than 0.00 moles per kilomole hydrogen sulfide (H2S) content and with less than 0.01 cubic metres per second (m3/s) hydrogen sulfide (H2S) release rate in the following location:



1902730 - Blackspur Oil Corp.

Application to implement a new Class II, III or IV fluid disposal scheme that does not involve acid gas in the following location:



1902580 - Blackspur Oil Corp.

Conversion of the new drill location 00/16-05-050-01W5 to sweet produced Class II disposal operation.


00404029-001 - Blackspur Oil Corp.

Blackspur Oil Corp. has submitted an application under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act for adding a small-scale sour gas processing plant to their existing Bantry Multiwell Oil Battery to sweeten the solution gas they are currently handling at the battery. The equipment proposed uses a proprietary chemical regenerative sulphur extraction process that results in the production of elemental sulphur without the production of acid gas. The deadline for submission of Statements of Concern is December 7, 2017 in the following location: