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BUL 047

Aggregate resources of the Edmonton/Lloydminster region

The commercial sector produces 75 per cent of the aggregate, most of it directed into road construction (52 per cent), concrete production (18 per cent) or asphalt production (11 per cent). A compilation of geological data indicates that 1100 ... Show Abstract

Edwards, W.A.D.  Hudson, R.N.  Scafe, D.W.  1985-01-01

ESR 1981-04

Sand and Gravel Resources of the Lethbridge Area

The most important sources of gravel and sand in the Lethbridge area are high and low level alluvial terraces associated with the Oldman River valley. The low terraces commonly have up to 3 m of fine sand and silt overlying the sand and ... Show Abstract

Shetsen, I.  1980-01-01

ESR 1973-02

Sand and Gravel Resources of the Edmonton Area, Alberta

Sand and gravel deposits of the Edmonton area can be grouped into preglacial, glacial, and recent alluvial deposits, distinguishable on the basis of time and mode of deposition. Preglacial deposits are extensively distributed along the floors and ... Show Abstract

McPherson, R.A.  Kathol, C.P.  1972-01-01

ESR 2000-08

Diamond and Metallic-Mineral Potential of the Peerless Lake Map Area, North-Central Alberta

A regional geochemical sampling program for diamond and metallic-mineral potential was completed during the summer of 1998 in the Peerless Lake map area, north-central Alberta. The area encompasses the 1997 discovery of diamondiferous kimberlites ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Haynes, M.  Csanyi, W.  2001-08-01

ESR 1964-02

Coal Occurrences of the Vulcan-Gleichen Area, Alberta

The Vulcan-Gleichen area lies between longitudes 112 degrees 15'' and 113 degrees 30'' west and latitudes 49 degrees 50'' and 51 degrees 00 north. From the experience gained in this typical area, it appears that few considerable bodies of ... Show Abstract

Campbell, J.D.  Amaldi, I.S.  1964-01-01

ESR 1967-04

Surficial Geology of the Wainwright Area (East Half), Alberta

The Wainwright area lies within the east-central Alberta Plains, a relatively flat, glaciated area underlain by gentle dipping detrital strata of Late Cretaceous age. In most parts of the area, bedrock is overlain by till, as ground or hummocky ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1967-01-01

ESR 1967-03

Coal Survey Boreholes, Vulcan-Gleichen Area, Alberta

Coal Survey Boreholes, Vulcan-Gleichen Area, Alberta When the results of the Research Council of Alberta coal survey project in the Vulcan-Gleichen area were published (R.C.A. Report 64-2), it was thought adequate to include complete logs only of ... Show Abstract

Campbell, J.D.  1967-01-01

ESR 1969-04

A Gravel and Sand Aquifer in the Bassano-Gem Region, Alberta

Underlying the study area is a northeast trending preglacial river valley whose extensive northern flank is covered by sand and gravel. The floor of the valley is also gravel covered but the abbreviated southern bank is not. The gravel and sand ... Show Abstract

Turner, W.R.  Geiger, K.W.  Carlson, V.A.  1969-01-01

ESR 1965-02

Surficial Geology of the Cypress Hills Area, Alberta

Surficial Geology of the Cypress Hills Area, Alberta The surficial deposits of the Cypress Hills area consist predominantly of till, mainly in the form of ground moraine, hummocky disintegration moraine and end moraine. Glaciofluvial deposits of ... Show Abstract

West, E.W.  1965-01-01

ESR 1969-02

Alluvial Quartzite Pebbles as a Source of Industrial Silica

Alluvial Quartzite Pebbles as a Source of Industrial Silica Size and lithologic analyses of samples of alluvial sediments from present day rivers in Alberta show that highly quartzitic gravels are present in long stretches of some rivers in the ... Show Abstract

Halferdahl, L.B.  1969-01-01