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MAP 030

Geology, Jasper and Vicinity

Geology, Jasper and Vicinity Ages range from Precambrian to Upper Paleozoic, but the map focuses on the Precambrian Old Fort Point and Wynd Formations, and Lower Cambrian Jasper Formation. Units younger than Lower Cambrian are not ... Show Abstract

Charlesworth, H.A.  1967-01-01

DIG 2017-0027

Subsurface Stratigraphic Picks for the Paleozoic Succession in Northeastern Alberta, Townships 59-104, Ranges 1-19, West of the Fourth Meridian (tabular data, tab-delimited format)

The dataset includes lithostratigraphic picks made from wireline logs for the Paleozoic succession in northeastern Alberta (Townships 59-104, Ranges 1-19, west of the fourth meridian. 2) Devonian Elk Point Group: La Loche Formation, Basal Red Beds ... Show Abstract

Hauck, T.E.  2018-02-08

REP 95

Regional Stratigraphic Mapping and 3D Modelling of the Paleozoic Succession in Northeastern Alberta (Townships 59-104, Ranges 1-19 West of the Fourth Meridian)

Regional-scale lithostratigraphic mapping of the entire Paleozoic succession in northeastern Alberta was undertaken to support the production of a high-resolution 500 x 500 m grid-cell 3-dimensional (3D) model. The stratigraphic dataset comprises ... Show Abstract

Hauck, T.E.  MacCormack, K.E.  Babakhani, M.  2018-02-08