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ESR 1970-01

Silica Sand in the Vicinity of Edmonton, Alberta

Eighteen samples of quartzose sand were collected from dune deposits near Edmonton. In order to determine their suitability for glass manufacture the samples were screened, washed, and analyzed for silica, iron, calcium and magnesium.Preliminary ... Show Abstract

Research Council of AlbertaCarrigy, M.A.  2011-06-19

SPE 092

Subsurface Characterization of the Edmonton-Area Acid-Gas Injection Operations

Acid gas dissolved in water in the Redwater oil field, and the resulting weak acidic solution ("sour" water) is injected into the depleted Leduc Formation Redwater reef trough 47 alternating wells. If only the natural setting is considered, ... Show Abstract

Bachu, S.  Buschkuehle, B.E.  Haug, K.  Michael, K.  2008-04-14

BUL 047

Aggregate resources of the Edmonton/Lloydminster region

The commercial sector produces 75 per cent of the aggregate, most of it directed into road construction (52 per cent), concrete production (18 per cent) or asphalt production (11 per cent). A compilation of geological data indicates that 1100 ... Show Abstract

Edwards, W.A.D.  Hudson, R.N.  Scafe, D.W.  1985-01-01

BUL 032

Urban Geology of Edmonton

An urban geology study of the Edmonton area was undertaken by the Alberta Research Council in response to the increasing demand for the geological information needed to formulate land use plans based on natural capabilities and limitations of the ... Show Abstract

Kathol, C.P.  McPherson, R.A.  1975-01-01

BUL 019

Geometric Coefficients for use in Numerical Resistivity Analysis

In the direct methods, the solution is arrived at by numerical manipulation of the field data.Ideally, a direct method would lead to a complete three-dimensional picture of the resistivity or conductivity distribution for the subsurface volume or ... Show Abstract

Bukhari, S.A.  Lennox, D.H.  1966-01-01

ESR 1976-01

Hydrogeology of the Edmonton area, (northeast segment), Alberta

Hydrogeology of the Edmonton area, (northeast segment), Alberta The northeast segment of the Edmonton map area (NTS 83H) covers about 1750 square miles (4500 km�) within the Eastern Alberta Plains physiographic region. Within these deposits, ... Show Abstract

Stein, R.  1976-01-01

ESR 1973-02

Sand and Gravel Resources of the Edmonton Area, Alberta

Sand and gravel deposits of the Edmonton area can be grouped into preglacial, glacial, and recent alluvial deposits, distinguishable on the basis of time and mode of deposition. Preglacial deposits are extensively distributed along the floors and ... Show Abstract

McPherson, R.A.  Kathol, C.P.  1972-01-01

ESR 1979-06

Hydrogeology of the Edmonton area (southeast segment), Alberta

Glacial deposits overlie a succession of Upper Cretaceous shales, siltstones, sandstones and coals. Within these deposits, aquifers consisting of sand and gravel, sandstone, and fractured coal are capable of yielding groundwater at rates of up to 8 ... Show Abstract

Stein, R.  1982-01-01

ESR 1962-06

Surficial Geology of the Edmonton District, Alberta

The Edmonton district was glaciated during Wisconsin time by a continental glacier which advanced over the area from the central region of Keewatin. The rapid recession of the stagnating glacier allowed these proglacial lakes to find constantly new ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  Hughes, G.M.  1962-01-01

ESR 1961-01

The Clover Bar Coal Zone, Edmonton-Morinville District, Alberta

In view of the continually increasing power requirements of the City of Edmonton, information about these deposits was held to be of considerable industrial importance.The district under consideration in this report (Fig. 1) lies beyond the north ... Show Abstract

Pearson, G.R.  1961-01-01

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