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ESR 1969-01

Groundwater Chemistry and Hydrology of the Handhills Lake Area, Alberta

The Edmonton Formation, a series of alternating lenticular beds of argillaceous sandstone, shale, and coal which immediately overlies the Bearpaw Formation, is found throughout most of the area and forms the greater part of the framework through ... Show Abstract

Vandenberg, A.  Lennox, D.H.  1969-01-01

OFR 1966-05

Exploration and Testing of an Unconfined Aquifer Near Cadogan, Alberta

Two observation wells, at distances of 111 and 389 feet from the pumped well, were utilized during the constant-rate test.The pumped well was especially designed and constructed for the purpose, using information gained during test drilling ... Show Abstract

Research Council of AlbertaGabert, G.M.  Vandenberg, A.  1966-09-01