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SPE 089

Gold, Platinum and Diamond Placer Deposits in Alluvial Gravels, Whitecourt, Alberta

Significant amounts of placer gold, platinum and rare diamonds have been found in gravel deposits on the northern outskirts of Whitecourt, Alberta. Quartz, almandine garnet, magnetite, ilmenite, hematite, gold, zircon and monazite were the main ... Show Abstract

Mudaliar, G.G.  Richards, J.P.  Eccles, D.R.  2007-05-01

SPE 021

Structural Interpretation of RADARSAT-1 Principal Components Imagery and Its Potential Application to Kimberlite Exploration in the Buffalo Head Hills Area, North Central Alberta

Principal components analysis (PCA) of RADARSAT-1 satellite imagery has been used to enhance the interpretation of surface features that may reflect underlying bedrock structures. Application of this technique in the Buffalo Head Hills area of ... Show Abstract

Paganelli, F.  Grunsky, E.  Richards, J.P.  2003-06-01