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ESR 1960-01

Evaluations of some Alberta Coal Deposits - Part 1. The Wizard Lake District - Part 2. The Westlock-Barrhead District - Part 3. The Sheep Creek-Wildhay River District

Results of examination made in 1959 of three Alberta coal bearing districts are described in this report. Parts 1 and 2 give details of coal test drilling carried out in the Wizard Lake and Westlock-Barrhead districts, this being a continuation of ... Show Abstract

Pearson, G.R.  1960-01-01

ESR 1961-01

The Clover Bar Coal Zone, Edmonton-Morinville District, Alberta

In view of the continually increasing power requirements of the City of Edmonton, information about these deposits was held to be of considerable industrial importance.The district under consideration in this report (Fig. 1) lies beyond the north ... Show Abstract

Pearson, G.R.  1961-01-01

ESR 1959-01

Coal Reserves for Strip-Mining, Wabamun Lake District Alberta

Coal Reserves for Strip-Mining, Wabamun Lake District Alberta Strippable coal reserves in the Wabamun Lake district, Alberta are estimated from geological examination and drill-hole data at over 200 million tons. Detailed drill-hole logs are ... Show Abstract

Pearson, G.R.  1959-01-01