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OFR 1993-01

An evaluation of alternative methods of soil mapping

Over the last 15 years the majority of soils information has been compiled at Survey Intensity Level 3 (SIL3) 1:50,000 map scale. Six townships were mapped and compiled at 1:50,000 and evaluated on the basis of cartometrics, map accuracy and time ... Show Abstract

Nikiforuk, W.L.  Fawcett, M.D.  MacMillan, R.A.  1993-02-01

OFR 1989-11

Soils of the Frog Lake Indian Reserve, Alberta

The southern part of the Reserve is also included on this soils map to provide a planning base for the proposed expansion of agricultural land use within the Reserve. Detailed information regarding the characteristics of the major soil components ... Show Abstract

Brierley, J.A.  Nikiforuk, W.L.  1989-01-01

OFR 1989-12

Soils of the Fishing Lake Metis settlement, Alberta

The soil resources to the north and south of this map sheet are described in the soil survey of the Sand River Area (73L), (Kocaoglu 1975) and in the soil survey of Wainwright and Vermilion Sheets (Wyatt et al. 1944), respectively. The soils for ... Show Abstract

Brierley, J.A.  Nikiforuk, W.L.  1989-01-01