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BUL 012

Early Contributions to the Groundwater Hydrology of Alberta

Early Contributions to the Groundwater Hydrology of Alberta Ten short papers are presented describing selected investigations of interest carried out by the Groundwater Division of the Research Council during its early years. Included are areal ... Show Abstract

Farvolden, R.N.  Meneley, W.A.  LeBreton, E.G.  Lennox, D.H.  Meyboom, P.  1963-01-01

BUL 019

Geometric Coefficients for use in Numerical Resistivity Analysis

In the direct methods, the solution is arrived at by numerical manipulation of the field data.Ideally, a direct method would lead to a complete three-dimensional picture of the resistivity or conductivity distribution for the subsurface volume or ... Show Abstract

Bukhari, S.A.  Lennox, D.H.  1966-01-01

ESR 1969-01

Groundwater Chemistry and Hydrology of the Handhills Lake Area, Alberta

The Edmonton Formation, a series of alternating lenticular beds of argillaceous sandstone, shale, and coal which immediately overlies the Bearpaw Formation, is found throughout most of the area and forms the greater part of the framework through ... Show Abstract

Vandenberg, A.  Lennox, D.H.  1969-01-01

OFR 1965-10

Evaluation of the Grande Prairie Alluvial-Terrace Water Supply

Under natural conditions water cannot be induced to flow into the aquifer from the river when water is pumped from the aquifer and, consequently, it is not possible to reduce the high iron concentration which has been a continual problem during the ... Show Abstract

Lennox, D.H.  1965-07-01