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OFR 1994-19

Investigation of Potential Paleoplacers in the Cretaceous Strata of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

The volcanic grain content of these clastics which is an indicator of their origin in the Omineca Belt ranges from trace amounts to over 60%. In Alberta the Burmis magnetite paleoplacer in the basal sandstone of the belly River Formation (the lower ... Show Abstract

Horachek, Y.  1994-03-01

OFR 1996-04

Building Stone from Waste Rock at Operating and Abandoned Coal Mines in Alberta Foothills

Field investigations, which took place during July, August and early September, 1995, located four potential sources of building stone at coal mining sites in the Alberta foothills. In all cases the potentially useful rock is sandstone.As an aid in ... Show Abstract

Horachek, Y.  1996-01-01

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