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OFR 1994-16

Aquifer Disposal of CO2-Rich Gases, Phase 1

Aquifers are Important Candidates for CO2 DisposalCurrently there is considerable interest in using geological structures (salt domes, brines, coal beds, oil and gas reservoirs, or aquifers), the deep ocean or enhanced oil recovery as sinks for ... Show Abstract

Gunter, W.D.  Perkins, E.H.  Bachu, S.  Law, D.  Wiwchar, B.  Zhou, Z.  McCann, T.J.  1994-03-01

OFR 1994-17

Central Alberta: CO2 Disposal Into Alberta Basin Aquifers - Phase II; Client Report

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is considered to contribute to global climate warming, thus the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases should actually be reduced. A general reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere can be achieved ... Show Abstract

Gunter, W.D.  Bachu, S.  Perkins, E.H.  Underschultz, J.R.  Wiwchar, B.  Yuan, L.P.  Berhane, H.  Cotterill, D.K.  1994-08-01