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ESR 1958-05

Sodium Sulfate Deposits in Alberta

A reconnaissance investigation of naturally occurring sodium sulfate in Alberta was carried out during the summer of l958 and, on the whole, the general character of the alkali lakes of Alberta seems to be similar to that of the Saskatchewan lakes ... Show Abstract

Govett, G.J.S.  1958-01-01

BUL 007

Occurence and Stratigraphy of some Gypsum and Anhydrite deposits in Alberta

Triassic gypsum deposits are present at Mowitch Creek and Fetherstonhaugh Creek in the Rocky Mountains north of Jasper.; both these deposits are tentatively correlated with the subsurface Upper Triassic evaporitic Charlie Lake formation of the Peace ... Show Abstract

Govett, G.J.S.  1961-01-01

ESR 1958-02

Industrial Minerals of Alberta

Industrial minerals form an integral part of an expanding industrial economy, and an adequate and accessible supply is essential for the full development of any region. Because of comparatively low value per unit weight or volume, evaluation of ... Show Abstract

Govett, G.J.S.  Byrne, P.J.S.  1958-01-01