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BUL 012

Early Contributions to the Groundwater Hydrology of Alberta

Early Contributions to the Groundwater Hydrology of Alberta Ten short papers are presented describing selected investigations of interest carried out by the Groundwater Division of the Research Council during its early years. Included are areal ... Show Abstract

Farvolden, R.N.  Meneley, W.A.  LeBreton, E.G.  Lennox, D.H.  Meyboom, P.  1963-01-01

ESR 1961-04

Groundwater Resources Pembina Area, Alberta

Nearly 60 per cent of the water utilized for secondary recovery operations in the Pembina oil field is obtained from the Paskapoo formation. The apparent transmissibility of the Paskapoo formation is variable; however, in only a few isolated areas ... Show Abstract

Farvolden, R.N.  1961-01-01

BUL 004

The Clay Mineralogy and Chemistry of the Bearpaw Formation of Southern Alberta

No significant relationships were found between the clay mineralogy of the shales and the distance to the ancient shoreline.Samples were also collected across the formational contact between the marine Bearpaw formation and the underlying non-marine ... Show Abstract

Byrne, P.J.S.  Farvolden, R.N.  1959-01-01

ESR 1961-03

A Farm Water Supply from Quicksand

The drift is composed mostly of material that has been locally derived and thus it is also fine grained.Such an environment is not favorable for the development of groundwater supplies. In many districts of Alberta a large proportion of the rural ... Show Abstract

Farvolden, R.N.  1961-01-01

OFR 1959-03

Edson Report 53-17-W5

The long-term problem is to ensure that the town will not lose an opportunity for development because of an inadequate water supply.It is fairly obvious that the flow of the McLeod River is large enough so that almost any need for water can be met ... Show Abstract

Farvolden, R.N.  1959-10-01