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REP 52

Geology of Ribbon Creek Area Alberta

The central part of the area is occupied by the Kananaskis Forest Experiment Station, which is operated by the Federal Government. The north boundary of the map-area is about five miles southeast of the coal-mining town of Canmore; the south ... Show Abstract

Crockford, M.B.B.  1946-03-01

REP 61

Clay Deposits of Elkwater Lake Area, Alberta

Clay Deposits of Elkwater Lake Area, Alberta The Cypress Hills region, which includes the Elkwater Lake map-area, has been surveyed geologically in more or less detail from time to time by governmental agencies, and the results of these surveys ... Show Abstract

Crockford, M.B.B.  1951-03-01

REP 59

Geology of the Carbondale River Area Alberta

The Carbondale map area lies within the foothill and mountainous district of southwestern Alberta. Excepting for ten and one-half square miles in the northeast corner, the map area is within the Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve. The southern ... Show Abstract

Clow, W.H.A.  Crockford, M.B.B.  1951-03-01

INF 007

Geology of the Peace River Glass Sand Deposit

Heating it until all the ingredients are melted together mixes the batch; consequently cheap fuel is a prime requisite for the establishment of a glass industry.Natural gas provides a cheap source of heat for glass making, and consequently the ... Show Abstract

Crockford, M.B.B.  1949-04-01

INF 006

Occurrences of Common Salt in Alberta

Occurrences of Common Salt in Alberta In recent years the drilling of holes in the search for oil and gas accumulations has shown that deposits of rock salt have a wide extent in East Central Alberta. The discovery of these deposits has resulted ... Show Abstract

Crockford, M.B.B.  1949-11-01

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