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BUL 004

The Clay Mineralogy and Chemistry of the Bearpaw Formation of Southern Alberta

No significant relationships were found between the clay mineralogy of the shales and the distance to the ancient shoreline.Samples were also collected across the formational contact between the marine Bearpaw formation and the underlying non-marine ... Show Abstract

Byrne, P.J.S.  Farvolden, R.N.  1959-01-01

ESR 1958-02

Industrial Minerals of Alberta

Industrial minerals form an integral part of an expanding industrial economy, and an adequate and accessible supply is essential for the full development of any region. Because of comparatively low value per unit weight or volume, evaluation of ... Show Abstract

Govett, G.J.S.  Byrne, P.J.S.  1958-01-01

REP 71

Bentonite in Alberta

In the course of preparing the report, deposits reported in the literature were visited and several new deposits were investigated. All deposits were sampled and preliminary tests for drilling fluid characteristics and decolourizing ability were ... Show Abstract

Byrne, P.J.S.  1955-01-01