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ESR 1974-04

Hydrogeology of the Foremost Area, Alberta

In the western half of the map area, sandstone of the lower member of the Milk River Formation (hereafter referred to as the lower Milk River sandstone) is the main aquifer; in the eastern half permeable lenses in the drift are the main sources of ... Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  1976-01-01

ESR 1975-02

Hydrogeology of the Medicine Hat area, Alberta

Hydrogeology of the Medicine Hat area, Alberta The Medicine Hat map area is predominantly flat, with rolling hills in the central, eastern and northern parts of the region; the South Saskatchewan, Red Deer and Bow Rivers cut deeply incised valleys ... Show Abstract

Stevenson, D.R.  Borneuf, D.M.  1977-01-01

ESR 1978-02

Hydrogeology of the Oyen Area, Alberta

Hydrogeology of the Oyen Area, Alberta The Belly River, Bearpaw, and Horseshoe Canyon Formations of Late Cretaceous age constitute the upper bedrock in the map area. The surficial deposits are generally quite thin (usually less than 50 ft or 15 m) ... Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  1979-01-01

ESR 1979-04

Hydrogeology of the Kananaskis Lake Area, Alberta

Sodium bicarbonate and calcium-magnesium bicarbonate are the main chemical types and sulfate, chloride, and nitrate generally occur as minor anions. Yields have a wide range (from 1 igpm to over 500 igpm) in this area and the Plains and Foothills ... Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  1980-01-01

ESR 1981-02

Hydrogeology of the Peace River Area, Alberta

Hydrogeology of the Peace River Area, Alberta The Peace River area, located in northwestern Alberta, has little relief with the exception of the Whitemud Hills in the northwestern quarter of the map area. The Peace River valley cuts deeply into ... Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  1981-01-01

ESR 1980-03

Hydrogeology of the Zama-Bistcho Lakes Area, Alberta

The Zama-Bistcho Lakes map area, in northwestern Alberta, shares common boundaries with the province of British Columbia to the west and with the Northwest Territories to the north. The main discharge area is in the Zama-Hay Lakes lowland. The map ... Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  Pretula, B.  1980-01-01

ESR 1972-11

Hydrogeology of the Tawatinaw Area, Alberta

The drift is the water-bearing zone in most of the Tawatinaw area except for the southwest and the south-central part of the map area, where wells obtain water from the Wapiti Formation. The yields range from less than 1 igpm (imperial gallon per ... Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  1973-01-01

ESR 1979-03

Hydrogeology of the Winagami area, Alberta

The Winagami map area is underlain by the sediments of the Shaftesbury, Dunvegan, Kaskapau, Bad Heart, Puskwaskau and Wapiti Formations of Lower and Upper Cretaceous age. The groundwater yields of the area vary from less 0.07 L/s (100 igpm). The ... Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  1980-01-01

ESR 1972-01

Hydrogeology of the Drumheller Area, Alberta

Hydrogeology of the Drumheller Area, Alberta Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  1972-01-01

ESR 1982-03

Springs of Alberta

The first part of this report looks at the spatial distribution of the springs by region, flow rate, water temperature and water chemistry. In the second part, the report describes in detail several springs that were chosen because of the magnitude ... Show Abstract

Borneuf, D.M.  1983-01-01