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INF 075

Peace River Iron Deposits

[...]the ore must be beneficiated to increase the iron and lower the silica contents prior to smelting in a blast furnace or electric arc furnace.A number of attempts have been made to upgrade or extract the iron content of the Peace River ore using ... Show Abstract

Bertram, E.F.  Mellon, G.B.  1975-01-01

OFR 1973-34

Peace River Iron Deposits

The Peace River iron deposits are in the Clear Hills district of northern Alberta, about 300 miles northwest of Edmonton. Sedimentary (oolitic) iron deposits of Late Cretaceous underlie the Clear Hills district in the Peace River area of ... Show Abstract

Bertram, E.F.  Mellon, G.B.  1973-01-01

OFR 1973-21

Clear Hills Iron Deposits Information Needs

Thickness: 5 to 30 feet3. chemistry.Partially known are:4. beneficiation or smelting methods;5. mineralogy: basically oolitic sandstone, with iron-bearing minerals, siderite and geothite. Rate of oxidation of unweathered ore with ... Show Abstract

Bertram, E.F.  Hamilton, W.N.  Green, R.  1973-08-01