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ESR 1966-01

Geology of the City of Edmonton Part 1: Central Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is built upon surficial deposits of variable thickness underlain by Upper Cretaceous strata. The surficial deposits, of late Pleistocene age, consist of well-sorted preglacial sands and gravels, glacial till, and proglacial ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  Berg, T.E.  1966-01-01

MAP 142

Surficial Geology Medicine Hat (NTS 72L)

Surficial Geology Medicine Hat (NTS 72L) The only adjustment made after scanning was to the colour of the different features so that they matched the colours in the original map as closely as possible. Place Keywords 72l alberta canada medicine ... Show Abstract

Berg, T.E.  McPherson, R.A.  2005-10-20