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ESR 1955-02

Glacial Geology of an Area in East-Central Alberta

Glacial Geology of an Area in East-Central Alberta The terminal Coteau moraine was found to be located from 10 to 20 miles east of the terminal Coteau ice advance boundary.Three tills were differentiated in the area: a basal Grey till, the Viking ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1955-01-01

ESR 1956-04

Stream-Trench Systems of East-Central Alberta

Recently there has been found in the Alliance-Kinsella district of east-central Alberta a confused system of interconnected debris-filled channels which are intimately tied to the drainage problems of the larger stream courses of Alberta. Similar ... Show Abstract

Gravenor, C.P.  Bayrock, L.A.  1956-01-01

ESR 1967-04

Surficial Geology of the Wainwright Area (East Half), Alberta

The Wainwright area lies within the east-central Alberta Plains, a relatively flat, glaciated area underlain by gentle dipping detrital strata of Late Cretaceous age. In most parts of the area, bedrock is overlain by till, as ground or hummocky ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1967-01-01

ESR 1957-03

Glacial Geology Galahad-Hardisty District, Alberta

The topography of the district has been modified by debris-filled meltwater channels (stream trenches) which are numerous in the eastern portion of the area. The western portion of the Hardisty district is composed of gently rolling ground moraine ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1958-01-01

ESR 1958-01

A General Outline of Groundwater Conditions in the Alberta Plains Region

A General Outline of Groundwater Conditions in the Alberta Plains Region The current program of investigations will be continued in an effort to determine the many details which are lacking at this time. Place Keywords 72e 72l 72m 73d 73e 73l 82g ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  Foster, J.W.  1958-01-01

ESR 1963-02

Surficial Geology of the Vauxhall district, Alberta

Surficial Geology of the Vauxhall district, Alberta The surficial deposits of the Vauxhall district consist predominantly of till, mainly in the form of ground moraine. Approximately one-third of the map-area is covered by glaciolacustrine ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  Jones, J.F.  1963-01-01

ESR 1962-06

Surficial Geology of the Edmonton District, Alberta

The Edmonton district was glaciated during Wisconsin time by a continental glacier which advanced over the area from the central region of Keewatin. The rapid recession of the stagnating glacier allowed these proglacial lakes to find constantly new ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  Hughes, G.M.  1962-01-01

ESR 1957-02

Glacial Geology Alliance-Brownfield District Alberta

The eastern part of the Alliance-Brownfield district is made up of hummocky dead-ice moraine and the western part is a relatively flat till plain, the Torlea flats (Warren, 1937). [...]covers most of the surface of the area, and other glacial and ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1958-01-01

ESR 1955-01

Glacial Geology of Coronation District, Alberta

Three districts of similar size, which lie to the west, northwest and north of the Coronation District, will be mapped in the next two field seasons, and when this mapping has been completed a finalized report will be presented encompassing the ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  Gravenor, C.P.  1955-01-01

ESR 1966-01

Geology of the City of Edmonton Part 1: Central Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is built upon surficial deposits of variable thickness underlain by Upper Cretaceous strata. The surficial deposits, of late Pleistocene age, consist of well-sorted preglacial sands and gravels, glacial till, and proglacial ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  Berg, T.E.  1966-01-01

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