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REP 75

Middle Albian Foraminifera from Athabasca and Peace River Drainage Areas of Western Canada

Fifty-nine species and subspecies of Foraminifera, of which ten are new, from the Clearwater, Grand Rapids and Joli Fou formations of the lower Athabasca drainage and from the lower part of the Fort St. John Group of the upper Peace River area are ... Show Abstract

Stelck, C.R.  Wall, J.H.  Bahan W.G.  Martin L.J  1956-01-01

REP 68

Kaskapau Foraminifera from Peace River Area of Western Canada

The Peace River area of western Canada has a Lower Cretaceous marine succession of strata of boreal affinities. The Lower Turonian microfauna serves, then, as a common datum for North American strata and this microfauna is found in the Peace River ... Show Abstract

Stelck, C.R.  Wall, J.H.  1954-01-01

REP 72

Geology of the McMurray Formation; Part I: Foraminifera of the Upper McMurray and Basal Clearwater Formations; and Part II: Heavy Minerals of the McMurray Formation

Part I of this report describes fifteen species and subspecies of Foraminifera--of which twelve are new--from the upper part of the McMurray formation and the basal part of the Clearwater formation in the lower Athabasca River area of northeastern ... Show Abstract

Mellon, G.B.  Wall, J.H.  1956-01-01